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Seller: Top-Rated Seller rare-book-collections (19,849) 99.7%, Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 123550078551 THE FREEMASONRY COLLECTION ~~~~~~~~ “The Freemasons are not a secret organisation, but an organisation with secrets” A truly stunning collection of over 290 vintage books compiled together for the first time on one unique DVD covering all aspects of one of the world’s oldest fraternal organisations – The Freemasons. Discover the secrets of “The Craft” - Learn about its secret symbols, signs, rituals and sacred laws. Uncover the history and origins of this ancient organisation around the world, from the ‘Old Guilds’ in England and lodges in Europe to the early Pennsylvanian settlers in North America and the masons of the Far East. Not only do these books reveal the ancient mysteries of antiquity, they highlight all that it encompasses to be a member of this renowned organisation. Some of these books are extremely rare and will provide a valuable reference archive for anyone with an interest in Freemasonry and ‘The Craft’ . The full list of titles speaks for itself! This wonderful collection of 291 rare books provides literally 1,000’s of pages of great content and fabulous illustrations for the reader. All of the books have been scanned in high quality and preserved forever in pdf format - easy to read on your laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone, kindle or e-reader. You can also print entire books or select pages. The Full List of Titles Included is as Follows: A brief inquiry into the origins and principles of free masonry by S. Greenleaf (1820) A candid disquisition of the principles and practices of the Most Ancient and Honourable Society of Free and Accepted Masons by W. Calcott (1769) A catalogue raisonné of works on the occult sciences Vol. 1 by F. L. Gardner (1903) A catalogue raisonné of works on the occult sciences Vol. 2 by F. L. Gardner (1903) A catalogue raisonné of works on the occult sciences Vol. 3 by F. L. Gardner (1903) A Compendium Of Freemasonry In Illinois Vol 1 (1897) A Compendium Of Freemasonry In Illinois Vol 2 (1897) A concise history of freemasonry by R. F. Goulde (1904) A Defence Of Freemasonry by A. F. A. Woodford A familiar treatise on the principles and practice of masonic jurisprudence by J. W. Simons (1864) A general history of freemasonry by E. Rebold (1872) A General History Of Freemasonry In Europe by E. Rebold (1869) A general register of all the lodges and grand lodges of freemasons in North America by J. F. Brennan (1871) A history of Freemasonry (under the English constitution) on the Coast of Coromandel by C. H. Malden (1895) A history of freemasonry in Indiana from 1806 to 1898 by D. McDonald (1898) A history of freemasonry in Lincolnshire by W. Dixon (1894) A history of freemasonry in the province of Shropshire by A. Graham (1892) A Lexicon Of Freemasonry by A. G. Mackey A Library of Freemasonry Vol. 2 by R. F. Gould (1906) A Library of Freemasonry Vol. 3 by R. F. Gould (1906) A Library of Freemasonry Vol. 4 by R. F. Gould (1906) A manual for the use of the lodges - under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the Most Ancient and Honorable Society of Free and Accepted Masons for the State of New Jersey (1887) A manual of the three first degrees of freemasonry. With an introductory key-stone to the royal arch by R. Carlile (1860) A Masonic Manual by J. Wright Anderson A portrait gallery, with biographical sketches of prominent freemasons throughout the United States by J. C. Yorston (1892) A Ritual And Illustrations Of Freemasonry - Key To Phi Beta Kappa by A. Allyn (190-) A Ritual Of Freemasonry by A. Allyn (1853) A short masonic history by F. Armitage (1909) A Short View Of The History Of Freemasonry by W. Sandys A study in American freemasonry by A. Preuss (1908) A text book of Masonic jurisprudence - illustrating the written and unwritten laws of freemasonry by A. G. Mackey (1865) Acacian lyrics, and miscellaneous poems by L. Munday (1862) Acts of parliament referring to freemasonry by H. J. Whymper (1892) American Indian Freemasonry by A. C. Parker (1919) An Encyclopedia Of Freemasonry Vol 1 by A. G. Mackey (1916) An Encyclopedia Of Freemasonry Vol 2 by A. G. Mackey (1916) An English view of freemasonry in America by G. Speth (1898) Ancient accepted Scottish rite by C. A. Brockaway (1908) Ancient mysteries and modern masonry by C. Vail (1909) Ancient Religious Traditions And Symbols by H. Sykes Arcana saitica briefly discussed in three essays on the masonic tracing boards by H. A. Giles (1879) Arcane schools by J. Yarker Avesta, the religious books of the Parsees - from Professor Spiegel's German translation of the original manuscripts (1864) Biography of Mrs. Catherine Babington - the only woman mason in the world, and how she became a Blue lodge mason by J. P. Babington (1912) Brother Of The Third Degree by W. Garver (1894) Builders by J. F. Newton (1914) By Laws Of Mary Commandery - Masonic Knights Templar By-laws of Corinthian lodge, of Ancient, free and accepted masons, of Concord, Mass. To which is added an historical sketch of masonry (1859) Catalogue of books on the Masonic institution by H. Gassett (1852) Catalogue of books, manuscripts, articles, engravings, aprons, and other curios relating to freemasonry (1891) Catalogue of the masonic library, masonic medals, Washingtoniana, Ancient and honorable artillery company's sermons, regimental histories, and other literature relating to the late Civil War (1891) Cathedral builders by L. Scott (1899) Cheshire, its traditions and history, including a record of the rise and progress of freemasonry in this ancient province by A. Ingham (1920) Collected essays and papers relating to freemasonry by R. F. Gould (1913) Committee For Relief Of Knights Templar And Ancient And Accepted scotch Masons (1872) Constitution And Code Of Statutes Digest Of Templar Laws (1900) Constitution of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the state of New York, together with the code of procedure, forms of petitions, etc. (1880) Crusading With Knights Templar by D. W. Semple Digest of decisions of the Grand Lodge and grand masters by The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania (1912) Digest of masonic law by G. W. Chase (1867) Dionysian artificers by H. J Da Costa (1820) Discourses - illustrating the principles, displaying the tendency, and vindicating the design, of Free masonry by T. M. Harris (1801) Duncans masonic ritual and monitor by M. C. Duncan (1866) Egypt the cradle of ancient masonry by N. F. de Clifford (1902) Egyptian masonic history of the original and unabridged ancient and Ninety-six (96 ⁰) Degree Rite of Memphis by C. Burt (1879) El monitor de los masones libres ò Ilustraciones sobre la masonería by T. S. Webb (1822) Exposition of the mysteries by J. Fellows (1835) Free masonry in North America from the Colonial period to the beginning of the present century by H. Whittemore (1889) Freemasonry - sketch of its origin and early progress, its moral and political tendency by J. B. Robertson (1862) Freemasonry and catholicism by M. Heindel (1919) Freemasonry and its jurisprudence, according to the ancient landmarks and charges; and the constitutions, laws, and practices of lodges and grand lodges by C. I. Paton (1872) Freemasonry And Its Landmarks Freemasonry and Judaism by V. L. De Poncins (1929) Freemasonry in America prior to 1750 by M. M. Johnson (1917) Freemasonry in Australasia, from the earliest times to the present day by W. F. Lamonby (1906) Freemasonry in Northumberland & Snyder Countys, Pennsylvania Vol. 1 (1911) Freemasonry in Northumberland & Snyder Countys, Pennsylvania Vol. 2 (1911) Freemasonry in Pennsylvania, 1727-1907, as shown by the records of Lodge No. 2, F. and A. M. of Philadelphia from the year A.L. 5757, A.D. 1757 by N. Barratt (1908) Freemasonry in the holy land by R. Morris (1876) Freemasonry in three parts; being a sketch of its origin, spread and object by J. P. Cummins (1903) Freemasonry made plain - an analysis of the policy, rules, practices and tendency of the order by A. G. Fuss (1911) Freemasonry; its outward and visible signs. A description of the jewels, clothing & furniture, for all degrees, with alphabeitcal index (1884) French prisoners' lodges by J. Thorp (1900) General history, cyclopedia and dictionary of freemasonry by R. Macoy (1869) Glimpses of masonic history by C. W. Leadbeater (1926) Grand Encampment Of Knights Templar 16th Triennial (1865) Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked by G. F. Dillon Harris' masonic text-book by H. L. Harris (1902) Hayden's researches of masonry by F. A. Hayden (1908) Historia de las sociedades secretas antiguas y modernas en Espana, y especialmente de la francmasoneria Vol. 1 by V. de la Fuente (1870) Historia de las sociedades secretas antiguas y modernas en Espana, y especialmente de la francmasoneria Vol. 2 by V. de la Fuente (1870) Historia de las sociedades secretas antiguas y modernas en Espana, y especialmente de la francmasoneria Vol. 3 by V. de la Fuente (1870) Historic masonry; outlines of a history of freemasonry from the most ancient to modern times by S. F. Calhoun (1899) Historical sketch of the lodge of antiquity by J. B. Saul (1912) History of Apollo Commandery, No. 15, Knights Templar, Troy, N.Y., 1837-1882 (1882) History of Freemasonry in Hyderabad (Deccan) by J. Gribble (1910) History of Freemasonry in Illinois, 1804-1829 by J. C. Smith (1903) History of Freemasonry in Sussex ..., also, A history of the Howard Lodge of Brotherly Love, No. 56, Arundel, a.d. 1736-1878 by F. Thomas (1883) History of freemasonry in the State of New York by O. Lang (1922) History of Maryland Commandery No. 1 Knights Templar, stationed at Baltimore, State of Maryland, from 1790-1890 (1891) History Of The Knights Templar Of Pennsylvania by A. Creigh History Of The Knights Templars Of Canada by J. R. Robertson History of the most ancient and honorable fraternity of Free and accepted masons in New York, from the earliest date by C. T. McClenachan (1888) Il libro del massone italiano by U. Bacci (1922) Illustrations of masonry. Reprint of the rare 1772 edition. With biographical notice by W. Preston (1887) Illustrations of Masonry (1788) Illustrations of masonry by W. M. Morgans (1827) Indiana Masonic law and forms of procedure for the use of Freemansons and Masonic lodges by W. H. Smythe (1898) Jachin and Boaz (1797) Juvenile ritual - containing the opening, initiation, installation, funeral and closing ceremonies, together with the constitution, by-laws, and rules of order (1870) King Solomon and his followers (1921) Landmarks in the history of the legends of freemasonry by E. H. Dring (1907) Le Grand Orient de France - ses droits et ses actes, document inédits by J. Bidegain (1905) Leaflets of masonic biography by C. Moore (1863) Les Francs-Maçons et les sociétés secrètes by A. De Saint-Albin (1867) Letters and addresses on freemasonry by J. Q. Adams (1875) List of regular lodges (1920) Luciferianism or Satanism in English freemasonry, an essay Part 1 by L. Fouquet (1898) Luciferianism or Satanism in English freemasonry, an essay Part 2 by L. Fouquet (1898) Mackey's Symbolism of freemasonry - its science, philosophy, legends, myths and symbols by A. G. Mackey (1921) Masonic chapter pennies by B. P. Wright (1901) Masonic Fair souvenir held in Masonic Temple, Rochester, N.Y., December first to thirteenth, nineteen hundred two (1902) Masonic gem, consisting of odes, poem, and dirge by L. A. Alford (1868) Masonic historical and bibliographical memoranda by J. Drummond (1882) Masonic Knights Templar Statutes 1864 Masonic monitor of the degrees of entered apprentice, fellow craft and master mason by G. Thornburgh (1909) Masonic Notes Vol. 1 (1918) Masonic Notes Vol. 2 (1918) Masonic odes and poems by R. Morris (1864) Masonic orations delivered in Devon and Cornwall from A.D. 1866 at the dedication of masonic halls, consecration of lodges and chapters, installations, etc by L. P. Metham (1889) Masonic parliamentary law or, Parliamentary law applied to the government of masonic bodies by A. G. Mackey (1875) Masonic poems by A. Churchill (1865) Masonic records, 1717-1894 being lists of all the lodges at home and abroad warranted by the four grand lodges and the United Grand Lodge of England by J. Lane (1895) Masonic songs, old and new, including those published in The Free-Masons' melody together with many original Masonic songs and poems written for this work (1885) Masonry, past, present and future by F. H. Johnson (1871) Massachusetts consistory of sublime princes of the royal secret by B. Rowell (1908) Memorials of the masonic union of A.D. 1813, consisting of an introduction on freemasonry in England by W. J Hughan (1913) Military lodges. The apron and the sword; or, Freemasonry under arms by R. F. Gould (1899) Mithraism Freemasonry And The Ancient Mysteries by H. Haywood Morals and dogma of the Ancient and accepted Scottish rite of freemasonry by A. Pike (1881) Morgan's Freemasonry exposed and explained by W. Morgan (1882) Mystic masonry; or, The symbols of freemasonry and the greater mysteries of antiquity by J. D. Buck (1904) New edition of the brief history of the ancient and accepted Scottish rite of Freemasonry by E. A. Sherman (1890) North Carolina Lodge Manual For the Degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason by C. F. Bahnson (1892) Notes on the early history of freemasonry in Michigan by A. G. Pitts (19--) Offices of a lodge of sorrow and ring service of the ancient and accepted Scottish Rite of freemasonry (188-) Official monitor of the grand lodge of ancient free and accepted masons of the state of Texas (1921) Old Masonic lodges of Pennsylvania, moderns and ancients 1730-1800 Vol. 1 by J. Sachse (1912) Old Masonic lodges of Pennsylvania, moderns and ancients 1730-1800 Vol. 2 by J. Sachse (1912) On the origin of free-masonry by T. Paine (1810) One hundred years of Aurora Grata, 1808-1908 by C. A. Brockaway (1908) One hundred years of masonry in the Oranges, 1809-1909 by G. H. Davies (1909) Opinions on speculative masonry by J. C. Odiorne (1830) Origin of masonry in the state of New Jersey, and the entire proceedings of the Grand Lodge by J. H. Hough (1870) Outlines of the history of freemasonry in the Province of Quebec by J. H. Graham (1892) Philosophy of freemasonry by R. Pound (1915) Proceedings of a convocation of Knights Templar and of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar and the appendant orders of the State of Alabama (1860) Proceedings of the annual conclave of the Grand Commandery, Knights Templar, of the State of Indiana (1918) Proceedings of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of the State of North Carolina (1881) Proceedings of the sixty-seventh annual conclave of the Grand Commandery, Knights Templar of the State of Indiana, May 11 and 12, 1921, A.O. 803 (1921) Proofs of a conspiracy against all the religions and governments of Europe - carried on in the secret meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and reading societies by J. Robison (1798) Readings XXXII - Scottish Rite Masonic Order (1890) Reflected rays of light upon Freemasonry, or, the Freemason's pocket compendium by W. Garey (1874) Rituals of freemasonry comprising the degrees of Entered apprentice, Fellow craft, and Master mason, in the lodge by D. Sickels (1870) Scotch Rite masonry illustrated - the complete ritual of the ancient and accepted Scottish Rite profusely illustrated Vol. 1 by J. Blanchard (1905) Scotch Rite masonry illustrated - the complete ritual of the ancient and accepted Scottish Rite profusely illustrated Vol. 2 by J. Blanchard (1905) Shaver's masonic monitor containing all the exoteric ritual of the work and lectures of the three degrees of ancient craft masonry by W. Shaver (1907) Shibboleth - A Templar Monitor by G. Cooper Connor Socialismo e massoneria - note di un socialista massone by S. Vannuzzi (1910) Speculative masonry, its mission, its evolution, and its landmarks by A. S. McBride (1914) Statutes of the Imperial, Ecclesiastical, Military and Masonic Order of the Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine (1872) Stray leaves from a Freemason's notebook by E. Neale (1856) Supreme Council of the ancient and accepted Scotch Rite of Freemasonry in and for the sovereign and independent state of Louisiana, valley of New Orleans (1861) Symbolic teaching; or, Masonry and its message by T. M. Stewart (1914) Symbolical masonry by H. L. Haywood (1923) Talks with Craftsmen by J. R. Robertson (1890) Tanaia sila masonstva by A. Selianinov (1911) Teachings of an initiate by M. Heindel The Accepted Ceremonies Of Craft Freemasonry by A. Mason The Ahiman Rezon or Book of constitution, rules and regulations of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania (1868) The Alnwick Manuscript by W. J. Hughan (1895) The analogy of ancient craft masonry to natural and revealed religion by C. Scott (1850) The ancient and accepted Scottish rite, in thirty-three degrees by R. B. Folger (1881) The ancient mysteries and modern masonry by C. H. Vail (1909) The Arcana Of Freemasonry by A. Churchward The Bible and the square - being a masonic mirror and guide, containing scriptual and Masonic teachings, to which is added a symbolic chart, with full explanations by W. Akerman (1875) The book of constitution of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario (1903) The book of constitution of the Grand Lodge of Quebec ancient, free and accepted masons (1907) The book of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of free-masonry in the valley of Cleveland, Ohio (1891) The book of the Ancient and accepted Scottish rite of freemasonry by C. T. McClenachan (1899) The book of the chapter or, Monitorial instructions, in the degrees of mark, past and most excellent master, and the holy Royal arch by A. G. Mackey (1865) The book of the words The California digest of masonic law (1867) The cause of world unrest (1920) The centennial history of St. John's Commandery, No.4, Knights Templar A.O. 701-801, A.D. 1819-1919 Mason Temple, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1919) The code, index and digest of the laws of freemasonry by J. E. Morrison (1877) The Comacines, their predecessors and their successors by W. Ravenscroft (1910) The compass and square with symbolism by H. L. Henderson (1922) The concise history of freemasonry by R. F. Gould (1920) The confession of a master mason, and The legend by C. F. Whaley (1914) The constitution, code of statutes and supplement of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States, and the statutes and general regulations of the Grand Commandery of California (1884) The constitutions of freemasonry; or, Ahiman rezon to which are added, lectures, charges, and a masonic ritual (1858) The constitutions of the Free-Masons - containing the history, charges, regulations, etc., of that ancient and right worshipful fraternity by J. Anderson (1855) The craftsman and freemason's guide by C. Moore (1854) The early history (1803-1859) of the Knights of Malta Lodge, Hinckley, (Leicestershire) by J. T. Thorp (1899) The early history and antiquities of Freemasonry by G. F. Fort (1884) The early history of Freemasonry in Bengal and the Punjab by W. K. Firminger (1906) The Early History Of Freemasonry In England by T. L. Fox (1870) The four old lodges, founders of modern freemasonry, and their descendants by R. F. Gould (1879) The Freemason's manual; or, Illustrations of Masonry, containing, in addition to the rites sanctioned by J. How (1862) The freemason's universal monitor by C. G. Emrick (1890) The gems of masonry by J. Sherer (1859) The general ahiman rezon of freemasonry by D. Sickels (1868) The genius of free-masonry and the twentieth-century crusade by J. D. Buck (1907) The genius of Masonry, or a defence of the order, containing some remarks on the origin and history; the uses and abuses of the science by S. L. Knapp (1828) The Gnostics and their remains - ancient and mediaeval by C. W. King (1887) The hand-book of the chapter containing monitorial instructions in the degrees of mark master, past master, most excellent master, and Royal Arch by T. H. Caswell (1878) The historical landmarks and other evidences of Freemasonry Vol. 2 by G. Oliver (1846) The history of freemasonry - its antiquities, symbols, constitutions, customs, etc., derived from official sources throughout the world Vols. 1 - 4 by R. F. Goulde (1884) The history of freemasonry - its legends and traditions, its chronological history Vols. 1 - 7 by A. G. Mackey (1906) The history of freemasonry in South Carolina, from its origin in the year 1736 to the present time by A. G. Mackey (1861) The history of masonry by J. Mitchell (1871) The history of the Knights Templars - the temple church, and the temple by C. G. Addison (1842) The Jacobite lodge at Rome, 1735-7 - with a complete reproduction of the Minute book by W. J. Hughan (1910) The Jews and Masonry in the United States before 1810 by S. Openheim (1910) The Johannite Masons and The Star in The East by G. Oliver (1866) The Knights Templar; a compilation of the history of the Ottawa Commandery (1917) The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, or the Secret of Hiram Abiff by M. P. Hall (1923) The lost word found in the great work (magnum opus) by J. D. Buch (1908) The Masonic chronicler catechism relating to masonic law and usage, together with suggestions to masters, secretaries and members (1910) The masonic ladder by J. Sherer (1876) The Masonic Manual by R. Macoy The masonic text-book of Tennessee (1883) The master Mason's handbook by F. Crowe (1890) The master's carpet, or, Masonry and Baal-worship identical by E. Ronayne (1879) The medals of the masonic fraternity described and illustrated by W. Marvin (1880) The medals, commemorative or historical, of British Freemasonry by G. Shackles (1901) The ministry of masonry by J. F. Newton (1913) The moral design of freemasonry, deduced from the old charges of a freemason by S. Lawrence (1860) The mysteries of Freemasonry by J. Fellows (1860) The mysteries of masonry - being the outline of a universal philosophy founded upon the ritual and degrees of ancient freemasonry by L. E. Reynolds (1870) The Mystic Tie by A. G. Mackey (1867) The new masonic trestle-board by C. W. Moore (1950) The obelisk and Freemasonry according to the discoveries of Belzoni and Commander Gorringe also, Egyptian symbols compared with those discovered in American mounds by J. A. Weisse (1880) The old charges of British Freemasons by W. J. Hughan (1872) The old guilds of England by F. Armitage (1918) The origin and evolution of freemasonry connected with the origin and evolution of the human race by A. Churchward (1920) The origin and history of an old masonic lodge, The Caveac, no. 176, of ancient free & accepted masons of England by J. P. Simpson (1908) The Origin Of Freemasonry And Knights Templar by J. Bennett The Origin Of Freemasonry by R. Longfield The Perfect Ceremonies Of The Masonic Knights Templar The philosophy of freemasonry by J. Ernst (1870) The poetry of freemasonry by R. Morris (1884) The practical monitor, containing the monitorial instructions used in the degrees of entered apprentice, fellow craft, and master mason by M. Redding (1876) The rare books of Freemasonry by L. Vibert (1923) The Revelations Of A Square by G. Oliver The rise and progress of Freemasonry in Illinois, 1783-1952 by E. R. Turnbull (1952) The ritual of the Operative free masons by T. Carr (1911) The secret tradition in freemasonry Vol. 1 by E. A. Waite (1911) The secret tradition in freemasonry Vol. 2 by E. A. Waite (1911) The secret warfare of Freemasonry against church and state by G. M. Pachtler (1875) The secretary's special help; a monitor for the secretary of the lodge; by J. Bailey (1866) The signet of King Solomon by C. L. Arnold (1868) The spirit of freemasonry by J. Hawkins (1865) The stability of freemasonry by F. C. Ewer (1866) The story of freemasonry by W. G. Sibley (1913) The symbol of glory by G. Oliver (1850) The Symbolism Of Freemasonry by A. G. Mackey The Templar Orders In Freemasonry by A. E. Waite The Templar's chart or, Hieroglyphic monitor (1821) The text book of advanced freemasonry - containing for the self-instruction of candidates, the complete rituals of the higher degrees (1873) The text book of cryptic masonry - a manual of instructions in the degree of royal master, select master and super-excellent master by J. H. Chase (1870) The traditions, origin and early history of Freemasonry by A. T. C. Pierson (1882) The True Principles And Precepts Of Freemasonry by C. Martyn (1878) The universal masonic record and directory by L. Hyneman (1860) The worshipful master's special help; a monitor for the master of the lodge; by J. Bailey (1866) The Yorkshire lodges a century of Yorkshire freemasonry by J. R. Riley (1885) Traditions of freemasonry and its coincidences with the ancient mysteries by A. Pierson (c1865) Webb's freemason's monitor including the first three degrees, with the funeral service and other public ceremonies; together with many useful forms by T. S. Webb (1875) What is masonry by J. R. Grant (1910) World's Masonic register containing the name, number, location, and time of meeting of every Masonic lodge in the world by L. Hyneman (1860) Ye ancient lodge pioneer, 1800-1900 (1900) An absolute must for anyone with an interest in freemasonry – an unbelievable treasure trove of information for a very small price! Quick Delivery – Free postage within the UK! All of the files are presented in pdf format, easy to read on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any modern Kindle / ebook reader that can read pdf files. All files can be printed or transferred between devices. For some devices you may need to convert the pdf files. A free program called Calibre can be used to do this and can be included on the DVD if requested. Please note that this is a data DVD that will contain all of the books, documents and material listed in this auction. It will work in a laptop or computer but will not work on a DVD player or audio CD player. * Main photo is for illustration purposes only – other photos are example pages from the books included on the disc * Our Payment Policy: We only accept payment via paypal and immediate payment is required once the “buy it now” button has been clicked. eBay will automatically open an unpaid item dispute within 4 days if payment isn’t received prior. Our Postage / Shipping Policy: All items are dispatched within 24hrs of a cleared payment being received. Free postage within the UK! P&P outside of the UK is £5.00 for between 1 – 4 rare collections on disc, each collection thereafter is an extra £0.50. Overseas customers please allow up to 14 days for international shipping. 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